How LeadPages Helps in List Building

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – no one does lead generation like LeadPages. They have earned some serious street cred in the ‘LeadGen’ arena over the last two years and they continue to add new, ground breaking features to their arsenal. If you know anything at all about LeadPages, you probably know that they have the most intuitive and robust landing page builder on the net and that you can create any type of page you want within minutes and also connect your pages to the top of the line ESP’s in the market today. However, the subject of this article is going to be their latest additions, including LeadBoxes, LeadDigits and LeadLinks that have all revolutionized the process of list building.


Before I get into the potential of List building with LeadPages; Truth be told – gone are the days of wasting countless hours and pennies building a base on Facebook, Twitter and such. Today, much marketing research indicated that Email is at the heart of the conversion process and that is why building a list is the best way to keeping scoring home runs.

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What is the best way to build a list, you might ask? Well, the easiest, most effective and least intrusive way is to add opt-in forms at crucial locations on your site, so as to make it easy for your visitors/ potential clients to subscribe. This is where LeadPages excels.

LeadPages Helps in List Building

Let’s see look at some of the ways in which LeadPages helps in building lists:

  1. The first and most obvious way, is by empowering you to create fast and attractive landing pages that can connect and sync with follow-up sequences, opt-in forms, and even whole funnels through an ESP of your choice.
  2. With LeadBoxes you can create your own unique two-step opt-ins. What is a LeadBox? – it is a pop up window that appears when your potential subscriber clicks on a assigned link, image, text or button. LeadBoxes allows you to convert any link on any website into a popup when clicked on. Simply awesome!
  3. A LeadLink, which you can add in you emails, will automatically add your reader into a webinar, segmented list, sub list or all. This single click process, helps your potential subscribers bypass having to re-enter their contact details on a separate page.
  4. LeadDigits are highly effective for building your lists. This tool allows you to ask anyone to join your email lists or sign up for your webinar, just by texting a specific word to your LeadDigit. The LeadDigit can be a catchy word/phrase that is unique to your offer, so you can use signage, audio, or even a tidbit of a conversation to capture information for interested prospects in a only few seconds with a cell phone. The truly great thing is that its applications are limitless and they can be setup in under a minute!


List building is so much more easy, fun and interactive for both you and your potential subscribers with LeadPages. To learn more you could visit their website.

Hiring a Marketer: What Skill Set Should You Look For?

It’s undoubtedly true that marketing plays the crucial role in promoting the product and establishing the brand so as to create its demand among the potential buyers with the target to make sales. For achieving this purpose there is need of a skilled marketer who can proficiently create the lead generation and successfully get through the process of sales funnel and generate revenue. Those companies whose business have established beyond the particular scale have got the set up of a skilled team of sales personnel and marketers who are considered the backbone of the entire marketing and sales process. But, those companies which have begun to grow need to hire professionals who are skilled in marketing so as to create a demand for products and create the link between the company’s product and the potential buyers by having the specialization in the latest sales and marketing process.


Hiring a Marketer: What Skill Set Should You Look For?

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If you are finding marketers then there is a need to look at certain specific characteristics which define the key requirements of a marketer to accomplish his responsibility of marketing your products. Let’s take a look at an analysis of hiring a marketer and the Skills you should be looking for?

  1. While an offline marketer should know the basics of marketing which incorporates the concepts of product, price, place and promotion. In the contemporary era of online marketing the marketer should know about email marketing campaigns, e-books, writing paper, web strategies, and social media marketing.
  2. The big companies have a huge setup of marketing departments with a team of proficient marketers while the small scale companies have a bunch of marketers looking after the key areas of marketing.
  3. It’s significant to precisely define your company’s goals as to whether you need to focus on lead generation, making extensive use of sales tools like creating data sheets or establishing a brand. The company needs to clearly focus on its goal, so that a marketer can effectively focus on them to bring out the desired results.
  4. The marketer should have a detailed understanding of database marketing which includes the following areas of marketing in the current scenario of online business opportunities.
  • Social media marketing plays the predominant role in today’s marketing requirements. In fact, using social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest make your company reach out to millions of users worldwide and can establish your brand with
  • Email marketing campaigns are also key elements of marketing tools which include the use of email blast using all the established standards of ISPs so that you can send the right number of mails to target audience with ease. The knowledge of email deliverability tactics is required to establish your sending reputation along with checking out spams with complete understanding of lead nurturing and value segmentation.
  • Content marketing is the key area where the marketer should know what to precisely do with the content. It means that the content should be well written, relevant, short and well presented and used as a marketing tool to provide the relevant information about your product to your potential leads to encourage better click and open rates with the much better engagement
  • Knowledge of SEO tactics plays a relevant role in marketing your product by creating your website and enables it to rank on the top of the search engine index so that maximum click and open rates can
  • Knowledge of inbound marketing is also vital which incorporates the role of creating content and publishing it through the webpage, e-book, blogs, landing pages, use of SEO, online marketing, and social media marketing to enable people to visit your website.


  1. The marketer should have excellent soft skills like good presentation skills, an in-depth knowledge of the product and the market, good leadership qualities, capable of handling complex situations. He should be target oriented with firm knowledge of your customer’s requirements, ability to keep deadlines and have confidence in your product to generate leads.


Therefore, the company should follow these simple tips while hiring a marketer, but need to understand that one person may have the knowledge of all key aspects but lack specialization. In that case the company should hire the marketer according to the determined goals and look for someone who knows very well the art of SEO and online marketing with great planning and strategy skills and proficiency to execute the work within deadlines.

Title Tags, Headings, and You: Get Tips for Successful SEO

You probably have heard it many times that content is the king and undoubtedly, this statement holds true as if you really desire your website to rank on the top of the search engine index. It is a prerequisite to follow all the rules and strategies regarding the title tags and headings to make sure that your content is SEO optimized and generates maximum clicks, open rates and provides maximum opportunities to generate leads and enhance conversion rates. As people would get attracted to your website by looking at the title tags in the search engine index, so making use of the most appropriate title tags would be a great tactic to attract the attention of potential leads and get the maximum from open rates. So, for attaining the goal of promoting your marketing content there is a need to focus on writing the quality content followed by the use of well established marketing strategies to get the best results in SEO rankings.

tips for SEO success

Title Tags, Headings, and You

Yes, you can optimize your webpage by focusing on the well written content along with using these relevant tips for successful SEO mentioned below:

Significance and Appropriate Usage of Title Tags

  • It’s significant to understand that title tags are a relevant part of any content created for a website as these tags would be the very first thing that the user and the search engine index when finding and rating your website. It’s required to make use of those keywords which are likely to be used by the people when looking for the content and also by search engine index while ranking your website. As the number of clicks your website gets, the better it is for getting ranked by SEO. There are certain steps which need to be followed by content writers while creating title tags which are mentioned below.
  • The title tag should accurately utilize the keywords which the people would utilize while searching for the desired information. The title tag should provide the precise information about what the user is going to get if they clicked on the website for example you can use the title tag of “Home Remedies for Removing Skin Tan” as this title would exactly point out what the user will find in this website and the user is also going to type these keywords when searching for the required content on this particular topic.
  • The title tag should be short and precise as the normal standard is to use titles with 55 characters and spaces as Google now offers width of 482 pixels to define your title.
  • The title tag should co-relate to the reasons why the user visits your website like “Tips for Hair Care” would help people to click to your website as they want the exact information.
  • The title tag should use the focus keyword in the first 10 characters of title to optimize open and click rates.
  • If you need to have an additional page on your website then you must opt for a different title tag to enhance the interest of visitors.

Relevant and Effective Usage of Heading

The <h1> tag is certainly one of the most significant tags on the page as the visitor on the page gets to know the main content through the heading and the search engine indexes it also to rate the content in the SEO rankings.

  • It’s true that H1 tags are crucial for any website to enhance the appeal of its content as using the heading gives a clear idea to the visitor what the webpage is all about.
  • The H1 tag is being used for the main heading of the webpage content, so it should be short and precisely well described.
  • The H1 tag should contain the keyword at the beginning, so as to throw light on what the upcoming content is all about.
  • You can use tags from H2 to H6 depending upon the requirement, but there should be only one H1 tag which describes the main heading of the whole content. The other tags are being utilized for sub headings.

Hence, you can utilize these simple  yet effective tips for successful SEO, including title tags and headings to optimize the results in the search engines as well as maximize clicks and open rates. But, it’s important to know that making use of over optimization can mislead people and alert search engines wherever there are over optimization signals present, so the key is to use these above mentioned tips effectively.


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