I’m Dayna Ngai, a 24 year old Singapore-based blogger, freelance illustrator and a lover of web designing. I am also a full time Accounting geek. Blogging is my passion and I blogged about anything under the sun. I am someone who love and accept myself for who I am, always believing that god gave me life and made me like I am for a reason.

Being a huge compulsive online shopper, I’m a big fan of makeup, clothings, handmade jewellery and mostly everything related to fashion. I enjoy sharing my love for fashion on my blog too. Dressing up just makes me happy!

My favourite pastimes are drawing cartoons and illustrations and designing websites. I started my first website and blog back in 2003. For the past decade, I came to realise that creativity and originality are two of the most significant parts of a site. Designing could be a hobby, interest or just a leisure activity but if we have put in effort, even if we did not get the best designs or have the most stunning site in the world, it is still something we could be proud of.

This is me!

I have a strong interest in photography and since 2009, I have started pursuing my interest in it. I got my first point-and-shoot camera, Canon Powershot SX10 in June 2009. This was my first step in learning how to use a semi-professional camera. Thereafter, I move along to the Canon S95 in April 2011, a smaller and more compact camera which is more suitable for my daily use. Photography is a pastime I can indulge in. It is something I enjoy doing and I believe capturing memories will make us remember who we are and how things have matured and changed over the years. was registered in June 2011 after I began to feel that I have outgrown Amour Chaleur. I wanted something more personal and significantly “easier to remember and spell”. It is currently hosted by Clook (the-most-awesome-host-ever).

I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.