21st Birthday Invite

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I just wish to share the invite I made for my 21st Birthday Celebration. This is actually “cut out” from the new layout I was planning to launch on Amour Chaleur. Take it as a small preview. ;)

Invitation to my 21st Birthday Celebration

Invitation to my 21st Birthday Celebration


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    Hello, chancing upon ur cute site!

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    Happy Birthday! I also cannot wait to see the new website layout here. Have fun with making it!

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    That invitation is awesome! Happy belated birthday! I hope your party was great!

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    Happy belated birthday! Whoo, turning 21 is a big thing!
    You made the invitation look very beautiful and exclusive. Hope you had an excellent party!

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    Happy belated birthday! Really really cute invitation, and I can’t wait to see the new layout!

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