Oh hai~

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Hello world! I’m still alive. Just trying to keep my head cool. Life’s different, things change but I’m still me.

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Pss. Some latest photos from the past few months. Spot me! ;)

Sometimes, love finds us in the most unexpected ways




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    Oh my goodness, I love your website design, WOW, it’s so nice!

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    I love your layout! It’s very creative :)

    It’s good to know that you’re still alive! We all understand how busy life gets. Sometimes I feel swamped and taking a break sounds like the best thing that could ever happen to me! Hopefully we’ll be able to take a mini vacation sooner than later!

    Enjoy! ;)

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    Good to see your presence, Dayna. :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year!