Bren brought me to try Strictly Pancakes yesterday and it’s the best in town I’ve tried so far. Love the combination of melting butter and maple syrup. :) They have quirky combination like pancakes with garlic prawns and even beef!

Strictly Pancakes

Unsalted butter & maple syrup!

Pancakes with hotdogs & eggs

Early Grey for sleepy souls

Pancakes with garlic butter prawns

Dessert Pancakes Menu

Planning to go again to try their “dessert pancakes” – butterscotch and chocolate, anyone? ;)


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    Lemon Curd for the Nerds, hahaha!
    That place looks awesome! I want to go there!

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    DAYNA WHOAH! that is yum!

    Hmm the last post I think I read was also about pancakes! not sure XD But man I wish we had those here :( There’s one but it isn’t really that good. Sighs,.. :(

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    They look really delicious :love: got my mouth waterry. Anyways, I’ve only eaten pancakes my mom cooks for me. Maybe I should try something over at a pancake place. The combination of pancakes and beef sounds really new to me. :confused:

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    As soon as I saw those Pancakes I looked for the company and it isn’t here in the UK yet, but I am going to surprise my partner by taking him to a UK version of the pancake place. They look so yummy and I got a mean craving for them now.

    The combinations alone! :love: