I have been thinking of making, creating or drawing something for Chewy for his belated Valentine’s Day gift. I know I’m extremely late in preparing a gift for the occasion but time has been running away from me recently. Chewy has started to enjoy reading so I thought it’ll be useful to give him a book. Honestly speaking, the original cover of the book looks pretty elegant and tasteful but being a DIY-loving person, I decided to personalise the entire book cover for him.

Original cover of the book

Original cover of the book

It didn’t took me long to “transform” the cover since it’s a simple design. I bought a set of scrapbooking materials and picked out a few items to be used for the cover. The entire process is basically just gluing and sticking the decorations and letters so it took me about 30 minutes to do that! The flowers look kind of girlish, hopefully he wouldn’t mind. This is how the new cover looks like. What do you think? :)

My DIY book cover of "The rules of life"

Glittery text on DIY book cover

Fabric flowers on DIY book cover

Rainbow clay hearts on DIY book cover

I bought the materials from Papermarket at Raffles City. Speaking of Papermarket, I went with James yesterday and I find it weird that even though both of us bought approximately the same value of goods, he got the VIP card while I don’t. I checked out their website about the VIP cards and it’s only given to customers with accumulated purchases of SGD 300 and above. Both James and I had only spend SGD 40+ each and it’s our first purchases so the question is, why does he have the card and I don’t? I don’t really need the card to be honest but I just find it weird. :?: The only reason I can think of is because the female cashier has a preference towards male customers. :lame: Is it because she thinks he’s tall and handsome and hence the special privilege or is it just a genuine mistake?

Materials from Paper Market

Materials from Paper Market

I made use of these stickles which are basically glitters with glue, fabric flowers, ribbons, alphabets stickers, scrapbooking papers and a piece of rainbow artwork made from polymer clay. The rainbow was made a long time ago when I was still playing around with polymer clays. I love the glittery stickles because they make anything look great! It glitters a shade of rainbow under the light. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll definitely be investing in more of these when I’m making my own cards in the future. :)

Diamond Stickles - SGD 5.90

Diamond Stickles - SGD 5.90

Fabric flowers and buttons - SGD 12.90

Fabric flowers and buttons - SGD 12.90

American Crafts Page Kit Backyard - SGD 22.90

American Crafts Page Kit Backyard - SGD 22.90


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    Your collection is good though…

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    very nice!! i like what you did =)) anw, now u’ve made me want to go to Papermarket!!! >< haha

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      The stuff there is not cheap imo but all the beautiful stuff will tempt you to buy! If I’ve the money, I’m pretty sure I will DIY all my greeting cards. Papermarket is bigger than the one at Plaza Singapura and has a larger variety of DIY materials. :up:

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    I read this book at Borders! (And bought another book.)

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    Wow that looks absolutely fantastic! So creative and pretty! :D

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    I think that this is really awesome. :) I love papercrafts and cute stuff like this! :)

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    I love paper goods!!! I’ve never had the chance to work with scrapbooking materials before but they’re pretty neat. I wish we had a store like Paper Market around here. I’m sure i’ll be one of their regular customers! Hehe.

    I love how you transformed the cover of the book, Dayna :) It’s something really simple yet thoughtful. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the flowery decoration! Hehe <3 The stuff you do are truly inspiring!

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    That’s a nice book cover! I think my boyfriend would find it too girly for him. The rainbow and the flower are probably what do it. Plus all the sparkles. But hopefully your guy will enjoy it! I’m sure he will appreciate all the hard work and love that went into it.

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    you’re very creative! i’m actually scared of doing stuff like those especially turning a boring cover to a new elegant one… haha it’s just that i’m scared of screwing it up. lol good job girl! :)

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    Wow!!! You are soo hardworking dear and I’m sure that he’ll love it coz you did everything! I’m not fond of scrapbooking (because of the many scrapbooking things I had to do in high school XD) but it’s good that you like making them! :D

    Wahh so sorry if I haven’t visited for a while! :(

    OMG SENTOSA PARK?? HOLY COW SO BEAUTIFUL! I so wanna go there :(

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    That is such a thoughtful present! I always felt that handmade gifts were better than store bought ones, because the person actually put in the time and effort to make something, and you know it’ll definitely be one of a kind :)
    I love what you have done with the book cover, it looks wonderful!

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    HA! Your right, the cover looks a lot better now! Very creative. =D I hope he likes it.

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    You are so creative. I love it! It looks really good. =D

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