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(Right to left) Iris and I

(Right to left) Iris and I

Mr Chewy and I

Mr Chewy and I

I had a rather enjoyable Valentine’s this year although we only went out for dinner at Bobby’s. It was my first time having dinner there. Chewy and I met up with Iris and Ming Ngam at CHIJMES1. It’s been a really long time since the four of us went out together. Each of us are busy with our own life mainly school, work and for the guys, National Service. We took around 3.5 hours to finish our dinner. Most of the time was spend waiting and talking. I think there’s too much customers such that the waiters kept forgetting about our orders. We waited nearly an hour for the dessert and reminded them for around 3 to 4 times before our desserts were served. I was afraid that the taste and quality of the food might be compromised since that’s always the case when it’s a special day due to the large number of customers. The food was surprisingly good despite the long waiting time. It’s a plus point that the location and ambience was good, it was in CHIJMES so I didn’t expect anything less. :cool:

My present to Mr Chewy

My present to Mr Chewy

Blue Roses

Blue Roses

I gave a panda notebook and a huge box of chocolates to Mr Chewy for his Valentine’s gift. There’s about 40 over different chocolates in it, I think if he eat 1 a day, it can last him for about 1.5 to 2 months. :p I’m going to make my own chocolates next time! ;) After 4 years of waiting, I finally got blue roses from Mr Chewy. It’s always hard to get blue roses for Valentine’s Day. I’m really surprised that he managed to order it this year. I love you Chewy! :love: Maybe white lilies next year? Hint Hint. I love white lilies as well. I don’t mind them on my 21st birthday. Are you reading this Mr Chewy? :kiss:

Handmade Photo Frame

Handmade Photo Frame

Happy Valentine's Day Gift

To your right is the card I’ve drawn for Mr Chewy. I had to admit the colouring was poor. I’m going to learn to colour after my final exams. It looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old kid. :cry: Apart from the flowers, I have gotten a handmade photo frame from him as well. Ignore the bluetacks, they look tacky but cute at the same time. His bluetacks concept certainly gave me a shock. It’s rare to see a DIY frame full of bluetacks. See, I told you he’s “special”. :D The photo in the frame was actually taken when we went Malaysia last December. :devil: It was a good choice as that is one of my favourite as well. Although it was just a simple dinner, I really enjoyed it today. Thanks Chewy for giving me time to study at home in the afternoon. I really appreciate the understanding you gave me during my exams period. I know I get cranky easily at this time of the year due to Missy being a “exams revision procrastinator”. :halo:

I’m putting all the images in thumbnails now for posts with more than 3 images. Just click on them to see the full size images, I think that will help to cut down some loading time? :) Off topic but I just installed the Fluency Admin 2.0 for my WordPress platform and I love it! The WordPress dashboard loads so much faster now and it cuts down on all the unnecessary clicks to get to a certain page. The design is also much nicer than the default one. Check it out if you haven’t, it really loads much faster. :up:

  1. CHIJMES is a historic building complex in Singapore, which began life as a Catholic convent known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) and convent quarters known as Caldwell House. The complex is located at Victoria Street in the Downtown Core, within Singapore’s central business district. [«]


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    I almost thought u 2 appear in that big photo frame then took that photo!!!

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    DIY crafts are the best. Your photo frame is so cute! :D

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    Aw, the gift are lovely. The photo frame is so cute! I want one. haha :love:

    Ps. Your site is so cute, I love surfing around it! :D

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    the photo frame looks damn good! :D

    study hard girl! :D

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    Sounds like you had a great Valentines Day. Beautiful gifts. :)

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    Awweeee, that sounds like the best valentines ever!! You two are soooo sweet together :love:

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    Awwh, that’s dead sweet that frame. And the meal sounds like it was lovely. :) Hmm, if I was chewy I would eat the chocolates all at once, but I am greedy like that! x

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    It sounds like you had a great Valentine’s day! The picture frame is adorable, and the fact that you made it for him just makes it extra special (not to mention it’s one of a kind!). :)

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    Awww you sound so in love and i’m happy for you! I’m happy for both of us actually coz my boyfriend also loved the present I gave him :) Those blue roses look really beautiful. I’ve only seen roses like that twice, I think? They’re rare and very pretty indeed! Belated happy valentine’s!

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      I’m so glad for you as well. We’re both loved! :D Yup, I love blue roses even though it’s not their natural colour. They’re actually dyed on. :(

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    Would Mr. Chewy be able to eat only one chocolate a day? I know I wouldn’t!

    That photo frame is awesome :!:

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    Wow.. I see you enjoyed it very much :) Read through it but there’re so many things to comment on :confused: (tsk tsk, I’m still in love with your emoticons, hope you don’t mind D:)

    You’re pretty and your Mr Chewy is handsome (I always wanted to say this :blush: ). 40 different chocolates in a box? :halo: I also want one, hehe. I didn’t know there’re blue roses.. what do they stand for? (meh, am single here, single..)

    The card that you’ve drawn doesn’t look like a 5 years old drawing to me. I dislike colouring (that’s why my comic are plain) and I prefer black, white and grey. Simple and easy :p

    I can’t seem to find the “blue tacks” on the photo frame eh.. or is it just me? :blush: I wouldn’t believe it’s handmade if you didn’t mention about it in your post. It looks so cute, especially the row of cupcakes there! :3 It looks like the frame sold in the gift shop in my country..

    p/s: Checking out the plugin.. :kiss:

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      Of course I don’t. I love them too. I’m still in the process of expanding the collection.

      Thank you, Mr Chewy will get his ego high after he read your comment. ;) Blue roses aren’t their natural colour, their dyed on. I am not sure what is stands for either. :x

      I prefer colouring with Photoshop, it’s so much easier to get the right colour. The photo might be too small to see the blue tacks, it’s actually very obvious. I love cupcakes, delicious! :love: