Any coding expert to help?

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Okay, I can’t get things right here. If anyone is free when reading this post, please take a look at my CSS for this theme and tell me what’s wrong with the CSS I have used for the comment author and comment date/time, I can’t get the links with colors other than black although I have specify colors already (check out any post with comments). Maybe I’m turning dumber. Please let me know if someone can figure that out :blush: Many thanks!

On the other hand, I’m updating parts of the site with some new reviews, photoshop brushes and some gallery images for my DIY stuff. I have about 10+ orders to complete this week and Dayna is fully booked. My schedule for the week (to remind myself that is ;) )

  • Monday: Fix computer at Aunt’s house at Woodlands
  • Tuesday: Going swimming with mum
  • Wednesday: Stay at home and enroll my timetable for next semester
  • Thursday: Shopping at Bugis with him
  • Friday: KBox

Okay, so I only got the weekends to rest. :confused: Anyway, I watched “The Banquet” yesterday at Cineleisure. The show featuring Zhang Zi Yi and Wu Yan Zu. My boyfriend fell asleep in the theatres. :lol: The show was rather boring and the plot is kind of anti-climax. I felt like I have wasted $9.50 on the tickets. And the thing is I still haven’t figure out who was the one that killed Zhang Zi Yi in the end. :sigh:

Night Scene of Singapore

Night Scene of Singapore

The Merlion

The Merlion


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    Reply to Dayna

    Glad that I could help you! I also remember you helped me a couple of times in the past:D

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    Reply to Daniela

    Omg! I love you Daniela!!! :heart: That actually did it and I have no idea why I added that line in the first place. Thank you! :haha:

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    Hi, Dayna, just looked through the CSS and assume that it must be this part of the CSS:

    .commentodd a, .comment a, .commentodd a:link, .commentodd a:visited, .commentodd a:active
    color: #000;
    border: none;

    Maybe if you take away this color information, you should be able to introduce another one.
    This is just a suggestion, and I donĀ“t know if it actually works…