I feel old suddenly, another 1.5 weeks until the day I crossed the 24 years mark.

24 years of my life may not have been a bed of roses but I’ve learn to be grateful for what I have – a family that some could never have. I wonder how much good deeds I have done in my previous life to have been born in this family. :devil:

To be able to celebrate this special day with my dearest family members, I’m blessed! :love:



The 3 of us – July babies! I am missing a cousin here who was called in for army services today. Ah well, there are still many years of celebrations to come! :kiss:



Always remember that birthdays are meant to be celebrated, to be happy and grateful that you are born in this world to make a difference.


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    Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one!

    (Your cake looks DELICIOUS!! :love: )

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    Happy birthday! And the cake looks delicious :D

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    Oh my goodness, what a lovely and delicious looking cake!!! Hooray for celebrating 24 years of living yeah? :)

    Hehe, you and I are using the same smilies! :p

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    Yay!! Happy times. :D Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day… and yes! It’s very important to celebrate YOU & your achievements this year. :D