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Yesterday was our scholar’s1 21st birthday! Happy birthday my friend. As your official photographer of the day, here’s a photo collage for you. =p I would have given you a tiara as a special gift to wear on your birthday had I found one. I should have borrowed Terry’s2. That would be so exciting. :halo:

Happy Birthday, my friend

Happy Birthday, my friend

  1. Jen Yi’s our top student so I named him “the scholar”. [«]
  2. Terry had a tiara on his 21st birthday as well. [«]


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    Heh, I wanted to get one of my best friends a tiara during her birthday a couple of weeks back but unfortunately – we’ve already busted our budget for her surprise party. :(

    Happy birthday to the scholar, though. And may he continue reaping those great results in school! (;

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    Awww!!! that’s such a special thing to do for a friend! We also surprised out blockmate today! :D hehee She’s treating us out tomorrow! :P

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    Looks like everyone had a great time :)