Our DIY cake

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I’m so sorry for neglecting my blog lately. My exams had just ended a few days ago and much of my time was spend on trying to complete the new layout. The current layout been here for about 4 months already. It’s time for a change! :love: I think I will get it up within the next few days, I’ve yet to style the comments for the new layout. That’s the site stuff I wished to talk about and now the cake! It’s my sister birthday today so …

Happy 24th Birthday, Sissy1 !

And here’s the DIY decorated cake we made at Jurong Point for her yesterday. I’m proud to say that the bunny was drawn by me. :P

Our beautiful cake

Our beautiful cake

That's us! (Left to right): Sissy, Mum, Me and Chewy

That's us! (Left to right): Sissy, Mum, Me and Chewy

The four of us (Left to right):  Mr Bear, Sissy, Me and Chewy

The four of us (Left to right): Mr Bear, Sissy, Me and Chewy

Sissy decorating her lovely cake

Sissy decorating her lovely cake

Another snapshot of the cake

Another snapshot of the cake

And sorry if I hadn’t been dropping by all your blogs, I’ll be checking out updates of your life next week! :devil:

  1. That’s my nickname for her. [«]


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    Hello!Can i ask how much you diy this cake.
    i want to there diy a cake for my bf.Thank you!

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    Happy birthday to your sister! It’s really sweet of you to help her with the decoration of her cake, awwwww :love: oh and it’s uber nice for Mr Chewy to be there to celebrate with your family too, heh!

    Congratulations for surviving your exams! For the moment being, have fun! :D

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      Thanks for the wishes Teddy. :) On a side note, hope you recover soon.

      I am trying to convince myself that I should enjoy a week of “study-less” days before hitting the books again. :(

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    OMG, that cake looks amazing! I love how you decorated it yourself :) The writing on the side of the cake is cool, too. I will have to steal that idea next time I’m trying to decorate a cake xD

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    I love that cake, it looks so cute and yummy:) Looks like you guys had a great time.

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    That cake looks so yummy! The bunny is really cute too. :love:

    Can’t wait to see your new layout, I’m sure it will look brilliant.

    Oh and good luck with your exam results. :)

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    Looks yummy! Nom nom! :p anda:

    Happy Belated B-day to your sis!

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    haha.. how could u reveal ur sis’s age!!!! she’s gonnna kill u! =P