I took part in a meme which is a series of interview questions by Clem. I like taking part in memes sometimes. Every now and then, we will find some interesting memes. If you would like to take part in this meme as well, feel free to let me know. I’ll reply your comment with 5 questions for you. For this one, Clem gave me 5 questions and here goes…

1. What was the last clothing item that you bought?

Light blue dress from Hong Kong

Light blue dress from Hong Kong

This is tough. My memory retention period is quite short and anything beyond a few weeks old would have been archived. I think the last clothing items I bought was a blue dress during my recent trip to Hong Kong. I got it at a local mall in Hong Kong at HKD 45 which is approximately SGD 8.40. Blue isn’t one of my favourite colour and I tend to avoid wearing things in blue. But somehow, I really like this one.

I don’t wear dresses often but I feel that all ladies should have some dresses in their wardrobe. You will never know when there’s a special occasion which you will need them. This was what I have learnt recently. There are some types of clothings that we must have in our wardrobe in case of emergency. There might be a last minute function or event I need to attend. I wouldn’t want to do any last minute shopping or borrow from anyone.

2. If you could stay one age forever, what age would you choose?

I would definitely choose to be 21 years old which is my current age. Being 21, it’s the age where we can drive legally, stepped into the Casino without the fear of being checked but of course as adults, we are responsible for our own actions as well. Looking like I’m 21 when I’ve lived 50 years of my life isn’t such a bad thing actually. I can still keep up with the latest fashion trends and monitor how fashion has changed for the young people over the span of 50 years or more. How great is that?

3. When you say “lol”, are you really laughing?

To be honest, no. The word “lol” is just a connecting word for me when I use it on MSN. While chatting with my friends on MSN, it’s like a substitute for the word “and”. You must be asking me “What kind of English is this Dayna?”. We use Singlish more than English when chatting with fellow Singaporeans. However, when I “LOL” (in capital letters) in reply to comments or on my blog, I am really laughing out loud.

4. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in the past year?

I spend half an hour trying to think of a reply to this question. Is there any interesting things I’ve done at all over the past year? Maybe cycling from East Coast Park all the way to Changi Beach? I doubt that would be considered interesting but I really couldn’t think of any more interesting things I’ve done. The next interesting thing I did was to DIY my own hair colour with the first foaming hair dye. That was quite interesting in my opinion. It was the first time my hair was dyed with rather sweet smelling foams and bubbles instead of the dark liquid with a horrible smell. My life isn’t filled with much interesting happenings, memorable yes but interesting, not quite.

5. If you started a business, what would it be?

Given the chance, I would have an online illustration shop to sell and showcase my own drawings and illustrations. I like the feeling of knowing someone is appreciating my art. I have thought of having my own brand of merchandise as well. Illustrations which would represent Amour Chaleur. However, maintaining a business in this area is tough. There’s a high level of competition due to the huge number of extremely talented artists.

I know the question is asking “a” business, but I’ve thought of another one as well – an online clothing store. Online blogshops selling imported clothings from China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan are very popular in Singapore these days. The increasing number of such blogshops shows how profitable these businesses are. A good model, photography, a substantial amount of capital and of course pretty clothings would be sufficient.


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    [...] we ripped off a blogger and blog named Dayna Ngai from the blog Dayna Me: The Tea Addict. She says that she took part in a meme which is a series of interview questions by Clem. And also [...]

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    When I say “lol” I’m not actually laughing either. If I’m actually laughing, I say “lmao”, “lolololol”, or “ROFL”. :D
    Both of those businesses sound awesome. :) You definitely have the talent to start an illustration business!
    This is such a fun meme. :D I had a lot of fun thinking of the questions, and I love reading people’s answers.

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      The future of the illustration business seems to be quite uncertain. o.O

      Yup, I love reading other people’s answer as well. It’s always interesting to know more about the person through their interview answers, aside from the usual general information. :up:

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    I’ll admit, I’m one of those that doesn’t really laugh out loud when I put “LOL”. I’m like you in that way, though, because when I put “LOL!!”, I really am laughing outloud, but when I put “lol” well, it’s more like habit I guess. LMAO, though…that’s special for when I really did laugh out loud and can’t stop. Which is rare, though. ROFL…that never happens, ha.

    I wouldn’t mind being a part of this meme. I’ve seen a few weblogs with it and I like it because you get to ask questions and get to know that person better. I like reading people’s answers to the questions. =)

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      I haven’t actually started using ROFL or LMAO yet. But “lol” is certainly a habit among many of us. ;)

      Here’s 5 questions for you:
      1. Do you think you’re a human or an animal in your previous life? If it’s an animal, which animal would it be?
      2. How different are you in real life as compared to the online identity you have created for yourself?
      3. What is the happiest thing that has happened in your life?
      4. If given the chance to undo something you’ve done in the past, what would it be?
      5. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

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    Ooo! This meme thing sounds interesting. I’d like to be part of it too. Lol. XD
    okay that ‘lol’ part I typed just now was not exactly a loud laugh, it was more like a short ha-ha, (as if ha-ha can be any shorter.) Lol.

    Oh dear, I just did it again..

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      Hahaha! I think you’ve a habit of using “lol” already. I’m sure most of us do as well, no worries about that. :)

      Here’s your 5 questions:
      1. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
      2. What is your most valuable possession?
      3. What is your ideal job?
      4. If you were given $100 now, how would you use it?
      5. Who is more important to you – your family or your friends?

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    I think you’re the first person I know that doesn’t like blue much. Either that or I am awfully close-minded. I’m with you on the “lol” thing, the only time I really laugh-out-loud is when I capitalize it “LOL”, there I was really laughing.

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      I think blue just isn’t my colour. I don’t wear blue eye shadows either. Including the dress above, I don’t have more than 3 pieces of clothings which are blue in colour. However, my favourite ear studs are in a beautiful shade of blue and silver though. That’s the only exceptions I guess. I don’t think I look good in blue. :P

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