I love surprises!

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A wonderful surprise awaits me on Wednesday afternoon at work – A bouquet of roses with the most adorable penguin, courtesy of Sissy and Ah Fa1. Which girl doesn’t like flowers? They are lying! Trust me on that, hearts and flowers are the perfect combination. I’m still missing the hearts though. It will come. I am patient. :p

Penguin is adorable!

Pretty flowers

I finally got my hands on the highly raved Vera Wang’s perfume – Princess Night. :love: It smells delicious! :kiss:

Wheeeee~ Finally got my hands on Vera Wang's Princess! From she who knows me the best!

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  1. My nickname for my brother-in-law [«]

I feel old suddenly, another 1.5 weeks until the day I crossed the 24 years mark.

24 years of my life may not have been a bed of roses but I’ve learn to be grateful for what I have – a family that some could never have. I wonder how much good deeds I have done in my previous life to have been born in this family. :devil:

To be able to celebrate this special day with my dearest family members, I’m blessed! :love:



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I finally got the time and energy to work on this post. Was down with a bad flu since Monday and I’m still battling it. Singapore’s weather is absolutely horrible; one minute the sun is there, it’s pouring the next. T_T

Anyway, was out “celebrating” the 24th birthday of my dearest brother, James! :halo: Please do not remind me mine’s coming up really soon. As usual, we walked miles and miles in inappropriate attires. It baffled me why we always walk so much every single time we are out. :surprised:

Lunch was settled at Barracks Cafe and the commendable dishes are their mushroom risotto and warm Strawberry Shortcakes. Simply the best! :)

Interior of Barracks Cafe

Gorgeous greenery right beside us

English .... skinny pizza?

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