So what are my surprises from Vanity Trove for the month? ;)

Received this month's @vanitytrove! Lots of goodies to try again! :D #makeup #skincare

September's 2012 Fall in Love

September’s 2012 Fall in Love

What are the surprises this month!

What are the surprises this month!

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Found this on my doorstep from Vanity Trove, I’m learning to love all the surprises I’m getting! :D

Received my trove! :) So many new things to try! @vanitytrove

Highlight's of this month's Trove

There’s a good mixture of skincare and cosmetics this month – simply things to make you feel beautiful. ;)

  • The Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Bath & Shower Gel
  • Marjolica Marjorca Eye Reset Gel
  • Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover
  • OxyPad
  • Morilins Eye Therapy Mask – Firming and Revitalizing
  • Sampar Poreless Magic Peel
  • Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel
  • Sampar Glamour Shot
  • Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Cream
  • Skin 79 Super BB Cream
  • Neutrogena Mulberry Foaming Scrub
  • BRAND’S InnerShine Prune Plus Essence
  • BRAND’S InnerShine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract
  • Erabelle EyeBrow Design Voucher

A quick glance through the list and I’m sure I’ll be trying most of them, especially the Au Lait Bath & Shower Gel. It smells delicious! :love:

Have I mentioned how much I love the SK-II samples from the previous month? Now I know what’s the hype about. I’m compiling a post of my favourites from the different troves, stay tune! :devil:

On a last note, my nails of the month, by lovely Kim. :)

Love my nails!

I subscribed to Vanity Trove earlier this month after doing a bit of “research” around. It seems to be one of the best ones in Singapore and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed at all! :love:

Although I have to admit I was extremely surprised to receive my trove on a Sunday. I wasn’t at home to receive since I was at Kim’s; well, in fact, no one was. I told the delivery guy to simply leave it at my door hoping that nobody would take it. Luckily, it was still sitting there by the time I arrive home at 4! :halo:

Say hi to my first Trove!

April's 2012 Vanity Trove

April's 2012 Vanity Trove

What's in the box!

What's in the box!

Close up of the goodies

Close up of the goodies

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