Okays, the post title is cliché. Bren and I visited Terry in Kuala Lumpur 2 weekends ago before he’s due to head back to Denmark next month. Anywhere with them is awesome and not to mention, I haven’t been to KL since 2009! :halo:

Super late lunch cum dinner at Delicious (Mid Valley)




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I went on a major shopping spree with Brenda today at Orchard. We were suppose to go Karaoke but Cherlynn was down with a bad sore throat so there was a change of plans. Hope you feel better soon Cherlynn, we shall go sing again when you are well! :)

Shall let the photos do the talking as I’m extremely tired and sleepy now. :blush:

Lunch at New York New York

Lunch at New York New York

Takashimaya Beary Christmas Trees 2010

Takashimaya Beary Christmas Trees 2010

This is Takashimaya’s “Beary Christmas Tree 2010″. I prefer the 2009 version though. It’s prettier with the golden bells (see photo below taken last December).

Takashimaya Beary Christmas Trees 2009

Takashimaya Beary Christmas Trees 2009

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Chewy and I enjoy looking out for new places1 to visit but due to the “supposedly” raining weather2 today, we decided to head to the mall. It is not our first time at Iluma but surprisingly, we still manage to find out something new about this place. The top level has an outdoor garden which I felt was it’s a good place to chill out since it was not chocking with cigarette smoke and the green grass was lovely3.


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  1. We love to treasure hunt! [«]
  2. It didn’t rain in the end due to our inaccurate prediction [«]
  3. It was fake plastic grass actually [«]
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