Amour Chaleur turns one

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8th December marks the day Amour Chaleur turns one and today is the big day! This is actually the first time I’m “celebrating” the birthday of my website or even remember the date the site was started mainly because Amour Chaleur is my first domain. My previous websites, Confession and Liberta were hosted via subdomains. I seriously cannot remember why I wanted my own domain back in December 2008. Is it because I miss blogging? Well, maybe.

To cut it short, this day is extremely significant as Amour Chaleur is a totally new beginning for me. It brings me to where I am today. I started drawing illustration because of this site and it’s been a year since I’m blogging again. I hope I wouldn’t play the MIA game again in the future and let me present Bim Bim celebrating with his huge cake. I hope he grows taller so he doesn’t need the chair next year. =D

Thank you Chervalier for this gift

Thank you Chervalier for this gift

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Twitter. :)

On a side note, I added a bit of green to the footer to spice things up a bit. It seems dull and boring without anything there. I’ll also be heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday for a short getaway trip and will be back only on Sunday. It’s nice to be away from Singapore once in a while and I hope I get to do some Christmas shopping there. Stay tune for the second giveaway when I’m back, I assured you it’ll be a blast! :spin:


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    :up: :up: Congrats… and
    Happy Belated Birthday =D =D

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    Happy belated birthday to AmourCharleur! I couldn’t believe that this is your first domain because of all the amazing posts and tutorials you’ve written :) seriously, I thought this is your second or third domain, judging from all the experience you have in the blogging world.

    Here’s a toast to one-year-old Amourchaleur and the amazing webmistress / designer / illustrator… and many more years to come! =D

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    I like the changes you made in your footer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SITE, DAYNA! :) I love the panda illustration! Heehee. I wanna go on a getaway trip soon! I badly need it -_-

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    Cool! Happy Birthday to your blog!

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    Happy Birthday to Amour Chaleur! :p anda: I hope that you have enjoyed your trip to KL. :spin:

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    I must say that this is the first time I am reading your web site or blog. I am impress by the design you are really an artist. Very pleasant to reand and see. I add you on my list on my blog.

    congratulation and

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!

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    Happy Birthday! Love the illustrations and the green that you added to the footer :D

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    Happy Birthday Amour Chaleur!

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    Happy belated birthday to your domain, Dayna! :) That’s a memorable event, I wish your site more and more wonderful birthdays, and a lovely time spent in Malaysia.

    - Enterprise, out.

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    Happy birthday to your site! I barely remember when I make mine, though I usually stop updating them before a year is up anyway :/

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