I have finally managed to finish this new layout. Bim Bim shall be missed but I hope you would like the new one as well. This layout was named as “Dear Diary”, the reason is pretty obvious I guess. This layout was designed into a notebook/diary. The merry-go-round was actually a separate illustration that wasn’t meant for this layout but since I like it a lot, I thought why not just put it in as well. ;) This diary has a bit of a scrapbook style as well. I love lace! The little tabs on the right are the navigation. The photo strips on the left are those taken during my 21st birthday. Check out my flickr for more photos. :)

I know this layout is very pinkish but it’s in my favourite colour. With all the ribbons and lace, I doubt any guys will like this layout but it screams “Dayna” on the entire layout. Dear Diary is the Nth version of the new layout. I have been having a serious case of layout block since the end of my UOL exams so I kept redoing it. It was until 3 days ago I suddenly of this idea of having my online journal looking like a real life diary. :love:

Version N - 1

Version N - 1



I have done cross browser checks on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera but I’m not sure if it works across all browsers though, it should work in the latest browsers and in resolutions of 1024×768 and above.

Things to do

  • Update 2 WordPress plugins Completed!
  • Replies to all the 50 over emails in regard to Amour Chaleur
  • Finish half of the reviews in the queue by the end of this month
  • Draw a small bee to link my Quilting Bee Quilt in the footer Completed!
  • Find a spot on the layout to put my twitter updates?
  • Update information about me

I shall do an entry on my birthday in the next few days. Hope everyone like this layout! :)


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    Hi i like this new layout and guess what i have 1 of your backrounds Happeness joy smile laughter your very creative!

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    This is sooooo adorable!!! I’m really loving the header and the photo collage!!

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    Very cute design. I love the illustration at the top of the page. :)

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    Wow, the new layout is one smashing one, Dayna! I really love the paper-like feel of the content background. The footer is so beatifully made too! Sometimes it sucks to see how designers simply leave the footer out of the design checklist because they think that it’s not important… but obviously, you did! I love the signature you include in the end of the post :)

    Oh, and your illustrations are really top-notch! The carousel, the laces and buttons. Lovely! :love:

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    Hey finally I get to see your new layout. I’m using mobile phone though..
    the layout looks sweet n nice as always. ^^

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      Oh, it still doesn’t load on the computer for you? :( I’m still trying to figure out why it isn’t loading for some people. :surprised:

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    I really love the layout! You rawk Dayna! :up:
    Maybe you would like to add some footer? Heh. :)

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      I’m glad you like it. :) There’s this small XHTML and CSS buttons at the bottom already, was thinking of adding a small bee for my quilting bee quilt and that’s the footer. :P I’m tired of my footer having all the usual bunch of text.

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    It wools wonderful! I really like it! :D

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    I’m a guy, and I think it looks greats!

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    Oh wow… this layout is awesome! You did an amazing job on it! I loved the previous one a lot – but I think I like this one even more xD I love all those girly colours, they are really cute :)

    And those pictures on the left side are a great idea too! I haven’t really seen many sites using something like that :)

    You are such a talented person, wow! Did you win that wordpress award for the best hand-drawn design too??

    Anyways, I love this layout <3 Bye!

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