Even though I am known to make quick and unexpected decisions but the sudden registration and switching of my blog to surprised even myself. I have been wanting to get since 2 years ago (when I registered my own domain). At this point of my life, I felt like I have outgrown Amour Chaleur and wanted to take a step further, something more personal, something me. :)

I thought this name was rather fitting and should be extremely easy to remember/spell as compared to as well? On a side note, AC1 has been renewed for another year 1 week before was registered. Currently, I have set auto redirections from AC to the new domain and may not be renewing AC after it expired in 2012. Either that, or I might use it for a new project. Somehow, I have grown to be quite attached to the name Amour Chaleur. Shall see how it goes!

Anyway, what was bothering me slightly was the email address – Definitely not one of the best and I can’t have can I?

Clook Internet

Clook Internet

With the new domain comes a new host as well. I decided on trying out Clook which was highly recommended by Jem. My first hand experience tells me – you will definitely not regret it. They are absolutely awesome! They took care of the site migration, moving of the host and even troubleshooting to make sure everything was up and running as it should. Although they are more pricey then the usual hosting companies, it’s worth every cent. :up:

As compared to the past, I feel that there are significant improvements in the loading time of the site (hope it’s the case for you as well) and hopefully downtimes will be reduced as well. Give me a holla if you have any issues with the site. :halo:

  1. I cannot make myself typed Amour Chaleur in every sentence. It’s just too long! [«]


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    LOVE the new name! It’s cute, easy-to-remember, and very you! :)

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      Thanks Cindy! I thought it was very me as well! :halo: Till now, most of my friends can’t spell Amour Chaleur so I confirmed this is a good change. :cool:

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    I loove the new domain name. But I love the new layout more. :D

    I don’t know if you’re going to like it but I wanna see your try or It’s okay if you don’t :devil:

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      Thanks! Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about the layout since I haven’t been in the whole designing scene for a long time. ;)

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    Yay for a new domain name :) I have been looking at and .nu for ages :)

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    I like it! I loved the name Amour Chaleur, but you can never go wrong with your name. Too bad I’ll never be able to get meg/megan.anything :p

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      Thanks Meg! Yup, it’s always difficult to get one with our own name unless the name is exotic. :p I’ve been waiting for for ages… I gave up. :pirate:

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    I like it. It’s easy to remember :)

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    I love the new domain name! .me’s are awesome. :D For the email, you could do like I did- I have A couple other ideas are contact@xxx or hello@xxx (my favorite), etc. :)

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    Love the new domain :D ! .me’s are fun :) I think a new domain is a nice change since you just recently came back as well. And as for your email address you could aways do or or something.

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      Thanks Veronica! Too many things happened during the past 6 months while I was away. Things changed, life changed, I changed. It feels refreshing with the new domain (short and sweet) that I could indulge in to keep myself busy. :devil:

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    Congrats on the new domain, I really like how short and sweet it is :)