Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

It seems like I haven’t been blogging for a while. As a summary, I’m busy with school and watching Kgotboda Namja1. I’m a huge fan of YiJeong and GaEul. :lame: They are actually the “sidekick” couples in the drama but I love their story. It’s much more interesting than watching the main couple, considering the fact that I’ve watched all the other versions. In the Taiwan and Japanese version, the YiJeong and GaEul (Yuki and Sojiro) pair followed the manga and left a cliffhanger. One thing I really love about the Korean version is that they tried to develop the relationship of this 2 and hopefully give them a happy ending. I hate cliff hangers and sad endings. :cry: However, me and many other YiJeong & GaEul shippers wasn’t pleased that there were only given around 10 seconds screen time in each episode of 11 and 12. :surprised: Maybe that wasn’t a big deal either since they weren’t the main couple. But why all the random scenes in between episode 12? Why do they magically appear at the ski resort? The plot was pretty mess up. :green: Random scenes of YiJeong and GeEul was thrown in out of no where with no explanations. I’m not having high hopes for the next episode, we shall wait for next Monday. :angry: Oh and did I mentioned how charming and good looking Kim Bum is? He’s the perfect guy for the playboy role, YiJeong. :up:

Okay, I’ve finished ranting about the show. I did some random updates here and there to the site last week.

List of updates done

To-Do List

  • I am thinking of removing the questions page because it’s quite useless now. What do you think?
  • Compiling one of my unused layout for Confession to the premade layouts for download
  • Complete the graphic tutorial on creating a vector rainbow in Photoshop
  • I have started making a set of extended smilies set to match the current smilies, hopefully I’ll get it finished soon
  • Work on the Valentine’s gift for Mr Chewy & a Valentine’s gift for my visitors

Is the new Twitter updates showing up correctly for you? :?:

I didn’t have time to visit my dailies site these few days due to school and the drama above. I promise I’ll drop by tomorrow. :love:

  1. Korean version of Boys Over Flowers, Hana Yori Dango (Japan) and Meteor Garden (Taiwan) [«]


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    [...] series was in February this year when I was watching Boys Before Flowers (Kgotboda Namja). The previous time it was Kim Bum in Kgotboda Namja and this time it’s Jang Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful [...]

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    I’m not too familiar with the show you posted at the start of your blog entry but I think i’ve seen that same show posted at some other blog and it seems that that other blogger’s hooked to it as well :p Anyway it’s nice to see that you have updates in your site. That’s something I should be doing SOON!!! Lately i’ve just been posting new blog entries and that’s pretty much it.

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      Really? It’s the “in” show now. :devil: But I haven’t seen anyone posting about it on their blogs though. I’m only hooked because Kim Bum is in it. :P

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    I love the twitter updates, smilies are a superb addition so kudos to bubs. she is a goddess you know? :P

    I’d install it myself but my lifestream sits beside my posts already so it would be overkill, not to mention i prefer plurk over twitter these days.

    Kudos to getting that long list of things done, come sit beside me, maybe some of your work ethics will rub off on me :P hehe

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      Yup, she really nice and helpful. I love having smilies on my twitter updates. :D

      I should find out what Plurk is about when I’ve the time. Haha, those ethics only work on my site, it doesn’t work when I’m studying. I wonder why :?:

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    I’m not such a big fan of Korean dramas, I prefer Korean music, but Kim Bum is teh sexay!

    I’m loving the crafts and the drawings page too. It’s very cute.

    Followed you on Twitter btw.

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    The Korean version of Boys Over Flowers seem to be the talk on a lot of people’s blogs these days. I’ve never been a fan of Korean dramas before, but since the Japanese version was so awesome + everyone seems to enjoy the Korean version as well, I just might give this show a try :P

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      I’ve never been a fan of Korean dramas before watching this. Kim Bum is a superb actor in it. :love: It’s not bad although I only watch it for my favourite couple and Kim Bum. Give it a shot, you might like it. ;)

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    I remember that the last movie for “hana yori dango” came out this past summer. :D I didn’t realise that there was a Korean drama version of the same series, LOL, but then again we love our drama… :confused:

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      The final movie was fantastic! :love: They just started the Korean version this year and it’s not too bad as well, I think it’s really different and not a duplicate of the other series. I’m not too fond of the leads though, the leads didn’t have the chemistry like the Japanese leads did. :(

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    Wow I love this site! The layout is so cute, and I love your content! Especially the tutorials :D Im currently reading the ‘Validating your website XHTML’ its really good, hopefully it will help me validate my site!

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    That’s a lot of updates. I rarely have the time to properly upkeep my site now, due to school. Thank goodness, I did a full fledged maintenance in early December last year, so all’s pretty well and good.

    And that reminds me too … I need to upgrade to 2.7.1 as well.

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      I did bits and pieces of the updates. It’s too addictive that I keep looking for changes on my site. Nothing much with 2.7.1, I did a manual upgrade to replace only those changed files, I didn’t even notice if it fixed some errors. :surprised:

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    Heya Dayna, I just discovered something really, really important – you’re the designer and writer behind the butterfly effect tutorial! OMG. The world is definitely very small – I remember stumbling upon your old blog (as far as I could remember, it was dark, single-column and uses pink) and it was exactly that particular tutorial that inspired me to become more proficient in Photoshop. Not to mention, your blog also introduced me to Lightbox as well. Wow :D I couldn’t thank you enough for that!

    Oh, your crafts and drawing pages are just too lovely – I couldn’t wait to see more artworks from you in the future. Regarding the questions page, I think it’s a very useful feature and you might want to keep it for the moment being – perhaps the low number of question asked is due to visitors not knowing that it actually exists. Maybe you might want to plug a link on the main page to increase its exposure, and before you realize it, questions are going to start rolling in.

    The twitter updates are showing just perfect. No worries!

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      Haha, you even pingback to the tutorial remember? ;) I’ve been using single column layout for at least 3 years already. I’m not a fan of sidebars because it makes the content area really tight and squashed up. Wow, I didn’t know I can give that kind of “inspiration”. LOL! I’m so glad I’m able to do that. Haha! :p

      Hmm… okay, I shall pug it in my blog entries and see if it helps. Maybe I should add a script for it to simplify things. Darn, I’m so lazy and depends on plugins and scripts for everything. Thanks for checking the twitter updates for me. I was worried that there might be some problems with the RSS cache. :?:

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    wow, I’m happy to find you who like that drama :p