I have almost forgotten to post my twitpic photos from last week. I had an extremely busy week and wasn’t online most of the time. Anyway, here’s a short recount of what happened last week. I received lots of goodies in the mail and am absolutely in love with my new cosmetics products from I found a new online shop, Beauty Carousel in Singapore selling lots of Japanese cosmetics. It’s so tempted to try some of the highlighting and oil control powder but I’m trying to put myself on a shopping ban to save up for Christmas.

Twitpic of the week

Twitpic of the week

I also went Haw Par Villa & Vivo City with mum. We went on board the MV Doulos. I found a Chinese craft book with lots of pandas artwork at PageOne and I took a few photos of them. I was so afraid the loud shutter sound of my mobile will alert the staff on duty. Anyway, the pandas were so adorable! :love:

Some day later, Chewy and I went shopping at Orchard. I brought my panda and pooh bears to guard the car again. :p anda: Notice the claypot rice with abalone? We had dinner at Ah Yat Tian Xia Restaurant at Orchard Central. The abalone cost an additional SGD 7 and taste okay, for the price I can’t complain of course. Chewy had pork chop rice and he finds it delicious. I tried it and it’s also so-so in my opinion.

The rest of the week was spend on spring cleaning my room, playing bridge at home and having dim sum at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant. I still think the dim sum from Imperial is better. So, that’s how I spend my entire week. How about yours? :)

Ultimate Blog Awards

Ultimate Blog Awards

By the way, Tiff’s holding her first contest, Ultimate Blog Awards at JynxedPanda. There are lots of attractive prizes, such as WordPress themes, illustrations, t-shirts and even cash to be won. There are also many mini contests for all her readers. She is also trying to raise donations for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy amd Pepeng via the contest. It’s an all rounded contest for everyone so please join in the fun and head over to her website for more details.

Vote in the Site Glamour Contest

The voting for the Site Glamour Contest will close on 30 October instead of November because I hope the contest will be focused on the discussion of the articles instead of the voting next month. Please vote for the website which you think deserves the award and don’t forget to participate in the contest article discussion next month. :)


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    no noooo why shopping ban!?!? haha i was waiting to see your review of the products heh. anyhow I loooove Vivocity sooo much!! =) seems you had a real busy week sweetie. take care alright? =)

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      Haha, I have a lot of reviews to write on my recent hauls – bb creams, loose powder, face oil, cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens. Stay tune! ;) Take care too okay? Hope you feel better soon!

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    MV Doulos is stopping by Singapore eh? I remember when the ship stopped by my country. My boyfriend and I were so excited to go see the ship that we ended up skipping classes. Baddie us. Anyway, lovely lovely stuff you got there Dayna, mind if I *ehem* steal some from you? =p

    Thanks for the tips on my new layout. I was actually thinking of the same thing about the white stars on the side. I wanted to remove it but I thought it was better to get some opinions from the visitors first :D

    My weekend had been a busy one. I spent the whole morning doing the laundry. I had a big pile of dirty clothes then I spent my afternoon doing a research for my presentation on Tuesday (which ended up suckish because I did the wrong thing though I managed to scrape a C for it).

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    Ha, I know! I’m living through it, but having my own life is a savior, lol.

    I like your TwitPic posts. It’s always nice to see what someone else is doing! It looks like you had a busy, BUT FUN, week :up:

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    Ohh i’ve never really tried doing that twitpic thing. Maybe i’ve shared some photos on some of my tweets but they’re never really saved on a twitpic account or anything. The plushies you have are so cute especially the panda one! :)

    Spring cleaning in your room, eh? That’s something I need to do really soon while i’m on a short break from school. Haha.

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    Hi dear!! tnx soo much for the pluuugg!! AND OMG! Where’d you find such cute stuff toys?? The panda stuff toys here are the normal ones, yours is soo cuute! Do you know where? :( hahaa! You were indeed busy! hehee. Lotsa gooodies! :P Hope I can get some shirts I ordered and show it to you guys! :D hehee

    Good luck to your participants! hehe :D

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      You’re welcome! They are found in many shops in Singapore, especially gifts shops. :) I was so busy last week that I neglected my site and now I’ve tons of emails to reply to.

      I’ll be looking forward to checking out the shirts. They’re good! All the best to your contest too, I’m sure more contestants will be coming your way.

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    I love all the make up maybe I should look into that brand :)

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    I’ve never heard of twit pic before. And good luck with the voting. You totally deserve to win. Your designs are amazing.

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      It’s an application where you can upload photos online and the photo will be tweeted via Twitter. I’m not one of the contestants by the way. I’m holding the contest. ;) Thanks for the compliments.